Unbelievable, Thousands Of Abandon Cars Found Magnet Fishing!!

Take a look at this, Unbelievable, Thousands Of Abandon Cars Found Magnet Fishing!!

Apparently, Magnet Fishing is a thing and these guys go around and submerge a powerful magnet in the river beds near them and then pull stuff out which is apparently made of metal.

This time however they seem to have stumbled upon something much more interesting which to be honest we could not explain.

Luckily after some research we managed to find an explanation that we could actually believe.

It turns out the vehicles were placed and anchored here in order to protect the banks and stop erosion during floods and other disasters.

Luckily this practice has not been used lately and according to the dates on those plates that they found in these submerged cars, this has been done in 1968 or earlier.

Back then it is apparent that not too many folks were concerned about the environment and thought that this is a better idea than spending some money on concrete or other ways to keep those banks intact.

The other astonishing thing in the video must be the actual number of these cars because these guys claim to have seen thousands of cars and they do have the shots to prove most of them.

These guys found a better way to bring us the magnitude and that is by launching their drone in order to fly above these cars so we can check out as much as we possibly can.

Then, however disaster stuck once again, because as they were focused on the vehicles and while they were bringing as much of them to our screen, they did not check where their drone was flying and ended up flying into the power lines which cost them their drone.

So check out this crazy video and see if you can recognize some of these cars parked and anchored to the river bed.

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