The Supercar Destroyer – 1967 LT1 C2 Corvette

Nicknamed “The Supercar Destroyer,” this 1967 Corvette C2 is the passion project of Kyle and his sons. They don’t give his last name, and honestly, when you’re chatting about wrenching, no last names are needed.

1967 Corvette C2 drag corvette

Now, it was mentioned in the title that there was a secret weapon under the hood of this C2, and indeed there is. This little rascal has had an LT1 squeezed into it, and then fit a couple of turbos with the boost turned way up.

And by way up, as Kyle says in the video, they’re pushing 18 to 20 PSI per turbo. Resulting power? “Oh, around 900,” he says with that little knowing tone in his voice. He knows exactly how much power this beauty puts down.

1967 Corvette C2 drag corvette

To handle the power, the Muncie 4 speed that was standard for the C2 has been replaced with something a little more… commercial. A Grand National 200R4, to be exact. Something designed to handle thousands of lbs-ft of torque.

And the way that this C2 spanks a McLaren 570S on its last run, passing the speed trap at 176 MPH, we’re guessing it’s a good thing he has that transmission!
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