Sly 1933 Ford Vicky Great 8 Winner

Sly 1933 Ford Vicky goes up for sale

It was a Sly 1933 Ford Vicky Sedan that was featured in the Ridler Award competition at the Detroit Autorama in 2010. The custom fabricated hot rod was considered such a high quality build that it was picked as one of the Great 8 winners that year. Years later, it still looks amazing. The elegant Ford has retained all of its show quality custom features. It remains an historic piece of the story of the American custom automobile.

This week, MS Classic Cars in Seekonk, Massachusetts is advertising the Sly 1933 Ford Vicky Sedan in the Cars-On-Line Street Rods Section for sale. This is a rare opportunity to own a Great 8 award winner that is still in its prime. MS Classic Cars has listed this stellar custom fabricated Ford to promote it for an upcoming auction sale. (Click here to review over 100 photos of the Great 8 winner.) The interest in this Great 8 winner should inspire car show followers all around the world.

It is mind boggling to realize how much time and money you would have to invest to compete in the coveted Ridler Award competition held each year at the Detroit Autorama. Bob and Jean Walrich of South Lyon, Michigan had a vision to build one of the finest 33 Ford’s in the world and compete for the prestigious Ridler Award. They teamed up with an old friend Terry Wayne, also of Lyons, who has experience with the competition in Detroit. He was asked to be the lead contractor on the project. He was virtually given an open checkbook to build the best ’33 Vicky in the country.  The build took over six years to complete. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were invested to create this one-of-a-kind custom hot rod which they nicknamed “Sly.”

Here is a detailed video with Marc Schiliro of MS Classic Cars telling us all about this elegant custom rod. Click the video window to view:


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