Red Neck Trucker Says NO To This Blonde Trying To Merge…

Well despite the title, this time it is not just about being blonde but a whole bunch of reasons that got this VW destroyed, but luckily the driver was not hurt and that is the most important thing.

First of all, let us tell you our prospective. Yes the lady in the Volkswagen was at fault and did not merge properly and that is what the biggest reason that this accident occurred was.

On the other hand, it is plainly obvious that the driver of the semi saw the car changing lanes, since he moved over at first, but then he decided not to let off the accelerator and avoid the accident.

Yes, we do agree that he did not have to, but the whole mess could have been avoided by him slowing down just a fraction and avoid the whole deal.

You don’t always have to go down to the level of the idiot driver by nearly killing him for his stupidity, because you put yourself at risk as well because of it, just saying.

Check out the video and tell us, would you have put your own life at risk just to teach somebody a lesson like this trucker did?

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