Newly discovered 1970 SS454 LS6 Chevelle found parked on a garage lift since 1978!!!

Take a look at this, Newly discovered 1970 SS454 LS6 Chevelle found parked on a garage lift since 1978!!!

It has been a while since we had Patrick bring us the newest barn find that he has uncovered and this time we have such a great find, that he decided to purchase it himself.

The car has been parked since 1978, a mere eight years since it has been manufactured. The car was found in Pennsylvania where it was parked for all those years, however as we are all about to see, it has stayed in a very good condition over these years.

Many would have kept this car in its original Tuxedo Black color, not including the previous owner who decided that burgundy would be a much better look for the car, especially with some orange stripes on it.

While keeping it in its original color might have put this car in the so-called holy grail category, it is apparent that different folks have different tastes and this is why this time we are seeing something different than before.

With all the numbers of the car matching, it is no secret that this is a really great barn find and once again Patrick Glenn Nichols has done his homework to grab a hold of such desired automobile.

As you would expect with a vehicle parked since the seventies, the car is covered with a thick layer of dust, and we wish that Patrick would have gotten rid of it before showing it to us, however, at the same time we understand that he is trying to show us the original state that he has found the car in.

The amount of data that Patrick has about the state that the car is in, and the state that the car should have been when it left the factory floor is incredible, so play the video and let him tell you just a small part of the story of this car.

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