Mopars Hidden In An Old Chevy Dealership!!!

Check this, Mopars Hidden In An Old Chevy Dealership!!!

We are headed on a journey today to what seems to be one of the Chevy Dealership which got frozen in time, and on that journey we are headed with the YouTuber DezzysSpeedShop and his ever-present companion, his son.

The reason we are mentioning him first is the fact that the little man is “commenting” on all the cars in his own way which apparently we can’t understand.

This baby is constantly around cars and fact is that if his dad keeps brining him to all these shops the kid will probably know more about cars by the time he is 5 than what most adults know.

This way we are sure that once he grows up he will be helping his father around the garage and will just keep building and building on his knowledge about cars.

As for the cars in the video, we are truly amazed by the sheer volume of American Classic Muscle cars and the owner seems to know very well what he has and how much of it he has in stock.

This MOPAR stash is something really unique because the show does not end once you have taken a look around the building, no sir, this thing goes on outside where he has cars sitting all over the place in the appropriate location to the state of the car.

Surely there are much more cars here than what the owner will be able to handle because no matter how good he is with his tools the sheer volume of cars that need repair is just staggering.

The best part comes at the end because Deezy is not here just to look around, he is here to help this good old man and take a few cars of his hands, so check out the video and see how it goes.

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