HIDDEN Hoard of Project Cars and Trucks V8 Vega, ’68 Charger, Camaro drag car and more…

Check this, HIDDEN Hoard of Project Cars and Trucks V8 Vega, ’68 Charger, Camaro drag car and more…

It has been quite a while since we have brought you some real classic hot rods from back in the day and this time you get a front-row seat on a tour thru a very interesting yard full of stock, modified, and even race cars that Denny George had managed to accumulate over the years.

Before you watch the video we have to tell you a few things about Denny George.

He has been modifying cars for his whole life and this, of course, has managed to get him quite the collection of old hot rods which is too big to fit in one location so they are stored at quite a few locations.

The one that you are about to see is the last one that the Hot Rod Hoarder managed to visit and it sure has quite a few interesting cars, to be honest.

The first one that pops out is of course the Chevy Vega, a car that apparently has been used for street racing, because there are not too many Vegas that were used for commuting and yet have such a huge tachometer on the dash and different tire sizes front and rear.

This Vega looks like it has been dropping jaws at stoplights many times while teaching guys with huge cars that weight is a pretty big issue when you are trying to go fast in a hurry.

The rest of the collection is actually not in a bad shape and many of these cars have been worked on for a while but eventually dropped as a project only to pursue a newer one, so believe us when we tell you that there are some great cars in this backyard.

So check out the video and see what other gems this collection hides and tell us which one you liked best?

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