Cool Munster HotRod

Cool Munster HotRod
Cool Munster HotRod

Rob Zombie has already taken us for a ride in his “Dragula“, but he recently took to the road in the Munster Koach with none other than “Eddie Munster” himself!

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Original Eddie Munster actor Butch Patrick owns replicas of both the Dragula (Grampa Munster’s race car) and the Munster Koach from the series which ran from 1964 through 1966. He brings them to conventions and charity events across the country. Recently, he hooked up with shock-rocker and filmmaker Rob Zombie.

Rob Zombie and Butch Patrick - Rob Zombie and "Eddie Munster" Took a Ride in the MUNSTER Koach [Video]

Zombie posted some video of the duo racing down the road in the Koach!

Check it out below.

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