Chevrolet Camaro SS

"I'm still in shock," said King, who lives in Post Falls for part of the year and in Colorado where he has an online advertising firm for the rest. "It's mostly retired people in the condos.

Chevrolet Camaro SS
Chevrolet Camaro SS

Post Falls’ David King had his two 1967 Chevy Camaro RS show cars stolen from his garage at the quiet Greenview condominiums along the Spokane River in Post Falls. King estimates the yellow one with black striping is valued at $45,000.


POST FALLS – This was a call from the maintenance man that David King could have lived without.

When King learned from the worker that his garage in the quiet Greenview condominiums on the Spokane River had been broken into, he was stunned.

Then came the word that both of his 1967 Chevy Camaro Rally Sport show cars had been stolen.

“I’m still in shock,” said King, who lives in Post Falls for part of the year and in Colorado where he has an online advertising firm for the rest. “It’s mostly retired people in the condos.

“It was really gutsy for someone to kick in the door and take those cars.”

King, 50, estimates the black Camaro with blue flakes that can only be seen in the direct sun is valued at $65,000. It was custom-built and has been displayed in the River City Rod Run. The yellow one with black stripes is valued at $45,000. He has owned the cars for six years and has theft insurance on them.

“Two of my friends in high school died in a motorcycle accident and one of them had a car like those,” King said. “That’s why I bought them. They have sentimental value.”

King, who was in Colorado during the thefts, believes someone stole the cars between May 18 and 25. The maintenance man returned to work Tuesday this week, discovered the side man door had been kicked in and called police and King. A boot print on the door is believed to be size 9 or 10, according to police reports.

King said a neighbor remembers hearing a loud car leave in the middle of the night and another about 20 minutes later, but she can’t remember the specific night.

“It’s been said that those cars are the loudest thing that has ever happened (at the complex on First Avenue near Red Lion Templin’s Hotel),” King said.

Keys to the vehicles were found in a cabinet in the garage and the garage’s car door was shut afterward.

Left behind and not damaged was a Big Dog chopper motorcycle with the keys in it that King purchased for $28,000. King said the suspect had to move the motorcycle to get the cars out.

When King returned to Post Falls for Mother’s Day, he remembers a young man who took photos and got excited about the cars when his garage door was open. The moment and the man’s actions made King pause.

King said he believes whoever took the cars knew they were there. King believes his cars were stolen a few days after he returned to Colorado. The black car had Idaho license plates attached, but the yellow one didn’t have plates.

King said he had his share of issues during his younger years only to have his faith in God help pull him out. While he struggles with who would take his cars, he believes some things happen for a reason and he’s trying to take it in stride.

“Maybe the cars were too important to me, so they’ve got to go,” he said. “Since I’ve put this (incident) out there on the Internet, people have said some cool things about me that I never knew they felt. There’s a blessing in that.”

Those with information are asked to call Post Falls Police at 773-3517.

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