Barn Find: Jackpot Insurance Salvage – 1969 Camaro Indy Pace Convertible

The more history a car has, the prouder the owner seems to be, and we do understand why, because when it comes to cars, people do like to tell you what his or her vehicle has been thru and how it happened.

The following vehicle is a car that’s an Indy Pace Convertible and it for whatever reason it got burned somehow, but it did not catch fire inside the car, and the sheet metal has not been damaged extensively so it must have been just near a fire or something, but the best part is that it is getting fixed and before you know it, it will be hitting the streets again.

The guy already has all the interior taken care of and he has upholstered all those seats in fine red leather, making it look great, so hopefully pretty soon he will install all those seats and take care of the rest of this great automobile so check it out.

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