Barn Find 1968 Dodge Super Bee that runs low 10s!!!

Check this, Barn Find 1968 Dodge Super Bee that runs low 10s!!!

When it left the factory floor back in 1968 this car was powered by a 383 ci engine however it seems that many things have changed by now, this Super Bee as well.

Along the way the car got a transplant of a built 440 ci engine and with it according to the owner this machine was able to get down to the end of a quarter mile track within 10 seconds and some change.

The vehicle has been sitting in the same spot for more than four years now and it kinda looks like one of those “next summer” projects which never get finished. The car does look solid and there is not much rust on it so we can say that it is in good shape.

However, while we might be (and we hope we are) mistaking, this does not look like a car that can cover 1320 feet within 10 seconds. We have seen sleepers and we have seen all sorts of fast cars that were deliberately built not to announce their power and speed, this looks more of a deteriorated car instead of a car that has been built to hustle people out of their money like a real sleeper is supposed to.

According to the owner once summer comes he will be able to get it driving again and start enjoying it, and the plan is to completely restore it for the future however taking a look at the surroundings of the car might get you thinking differently.

There are quite a few cars that this owner is holding on to with the same idea and we can only hope that he gets all of them back on the road as soon as possible, until then however, take a look at the video and check out this great car.

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