700hp One Family ’69 Chevelle Built to be Enjoyed

one family 69 chevy chevelle build

Immaculate 1969 Chevy Chevelle Malibu build with tons of power, that gets driven hard and has a rich history, that’s pretty much the best you can get when hunting for Hot muscle car stories online. Purchased brand new by Matt Grant’s grandparents back in ’69, this bowtie has been in the family ever since. That’s why he never thought about selling it, but he built the hell out of it.

custom 1969 chevy chevelle malibu

Matt has done a ton of metal work, upgraded the suspension and brakes, set the Chevy Malibu on Forgeline wheels, the paint job is fabulous, the car looks just stout. Interiorwise the ’69 Chevelle is more than impressive. 2015 Camaro dash, 2017 Corvette seats, roll cage, great custom work all over. When it comes to power Matt put a big cube small block Chevy engine making 700hp and plenty of torque.


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