66 Chevy Сhevelle

The Malibu Super Sport series became known as the SS 396, marketed to sports car enthusiasts with exclusive styling and three versions of the standard 396 cubic inch V-8.

“Chevelle for ’66 is marked by a pleasing mid-size, overall excellence and value. Exclusive look for the new SS 396 series.” 1966 Chevelle brochure

All the Chevelle models received a redesign with sleeker lines, though the change resulted in only a slightly longer length at 197 inches (the wagons shrunk slightly to 199.9 inches)

Along with the Corvair and Corvette, the Chevelle was one of the few Chevrolet models not to see production decreases in 1966 (there were 412,000 Chevelles produced that year)

Chevrolet responded once again to the ever-growing popularity of mid-sized cars with large engines by issuing the SS 396 exclusively with a large block V-8. While the rest of the Chevelle models retained the same standard engine (194 cubic inch six cylinder or 283 cubic inch V-8) and upgrade options(230 cubic inch six cylinder or 327 cubic inch V-8) they had contained since the 1964 introduction, every model in every series had the option to include the 396 cubic inch V-8 known as the Turbo-Jet. Additionally, all engine options were available with the choice of automatic or manual transmissions for the first time.


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