540 Big Block Goes In theTwin Turbo Nova & Winter Upgrades!!!

Take a look at this, 540 Big Block Goes In the Twin Turbo Nova & Winter Upgrades!!!

Today, thanks to the Street Racing Channel, we are taking you to a garage where two brothers are

wrenching away in order to prevent one of them from getting gaped in the next race.

You know them better as Billy The Kid and his brother Tommy and we have seen them race and work on

cars for quite a long time now.

As he put it the last time they went to an event, the S10 could not stop spinning the tires and had no way of putting the power down on the ground which resulted of course in lost races and getting eliminated from the event.

To see how Billy is so motivated is truly something cool and some might say that his recent visit with Big Chief and Jackie might have something to do with this, and we understand how a seasoned veteran of the sport would help a young kid with a few good words of wisdom and some helpful tips for the future.

Like the title suggests there is quite a lot of work going on in this video, it is not simply the installation of the 540 Big Block inside the Nova, there are tons of stuff getting upgraded.

There are transmissions going in and out of cars, there are suspension upgrades there is chassis modification, all sorts of progress are getting made on a few cars and the video shows us how busy these guys have been lately.

To be honest, when they installed that engine in the Nova we were hoping that the video would last a few minutes longer so we can hear the new engine roar, however, it appears that Billy is saving that for the next video which will hopefully let us see the Nova make a lick as well.

So check out the video and see how these brothers are getting their cars ready.

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