1970 Ford Torino

Torino GT and Cobra wind shaped made to move.

Graduates from the toughest finishing schools—Daytona. Darlington, Riverside — where tracks were wind tunnels that gave Torino its aerodynamic shape. A sleek look that inspired Motor Trend’s award panel to recognize Torino as “Car of the Year.”
 Torino GT — SportsRoof or Convertible – Cobra’s luxury-loving cousins. And the sportiest intermediates around. Even with optional Hideaway Head-lamps, the glamour shouldn’t fool you. For Torino GT’s a performer. There is a big 302-cu. in. 2V V-8 and a synchronized 3-speed manual transmission, integral hood scoop — all standard. Great options, too: 4-speed transmission with Hurst Shifter or SelectShift, “shaker” scoop. Laser Stripes. Magnum 500 wheels, high-back buckets. Sport Slats, 429-cu. in. Cobra Jet Ram-Air 4V V-8.
Torino Cobra — hottest of them all. 429 cube 4V V-8 standard, 429 cube Cobra or Cobra Jet Ram-Air V-8’s optional. All team with a 4-speed Hurst Shifter’. F70-14 wide-tread belted tires with raised white lettering, black grille and hood, exposed hood locks, and more. Options include: Sport Slats. F60-15 bias-ply BSW (with raised white letters) wide-tread tires, tach. Embarrass competition. Drive Torino 70.


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