1968 Chevy Nova SS

1968 Chevy Nova SS
 Some one on the Car Life staff asked. “What kind of car is that Chevy II – is it a Supercar, a Ponycar,
or What?” And, after much head Scratching, we newer did come up with an answer. Our test car was a  Chevy II Nova SS coupe, with 327-cid/325-bhp v-8 engine, four-speed manual transmission, power disc brakes, and 3,55:1 Positraction rear axle. Obviously, a sportingly equipped automobile.

In a sanse, the Chevy II reminded us of some of the better imported sports sedans, like the Volvo 144, BMW 1600-1800, Rover 2000, and others. Whatever the category, the Chevy II was an extremely satisfying automobile, car with enough interior room and luggage space for the family, but small enough to givethe driver a true sense of command. Before imported car fans begin firing letters extolling the virtues of their particular excample of sports sedan, they should remember we said “reminded” not “matched” or “duplicated.”

A brief test drive in an early Chevy II at the GM Proving Grounds last summer convinced us that this was a fine handling car. So, we selected a car with the options that we felt best complemented these inherent sporting characteristics. During the course of this road test, the initial impressions of good handling held true, and we

In many ways it reminded us of a European sporting sedan
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