1968 Chevrolet Impala

So the ’68 Impala could be ordered with a 250 (4.1-liter) six-cylinder developing 155 horsepower, while the standard V8 was the 283 (4.6-liter) small-block with 195 horsepower and a 2-barrel carburetor.

This year, however, the GM brand also equipped the Impala with a 4-barrel version of the 283, which was able to deliver 220 horsepower, but also with a 327 (5.4-liter) V8 generating 275 horsepower.

The car doesn’t necessarily come in the best condition, but this isn’t exactly a surprise given the Impala has been sitting in a garage since 1981. That’s what the Craigslist seller says, at least, though they claim this ’66 Impala has also won some prestigious prizes for how original it still is.

A series of fixes have already been made, so the car now comes with a new Edelbrock carburetor, new engine and transmission mounts, a new alternator. It still requires some repairs to the radio, a new glove box insert, and a repaint because the current finish clearly shows its age.

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