1967 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth is out to win you over with belvedere GTX.

GTX.Plymouth’s exciting new Super-car. King of the Belvederes. Standard equipment:
the biggest GT engine in the world. Our Super Commando 440 V8. Optional equipment:
the famous Plymouth Hemi.
This Plymouth goes flat out to win you over. And there’s nothing hidden about its promise.
Check the twin hood scoops up front, twin chrome exhaust megaphones out back.
Note how the GTX sits up on its special-right down to the new pit-stop gas filler,
Red Streak tires, chrome valve covers and custom, no-nonsense grille.
Now, if this Belvedere is a little heady for you, we’ve got 21 other models-all with
varying degrees of devilment-out to win you over.
Be prepared to be persuaded.

Credit: hottestmachines.blogspot.com

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