1967 Chevy Nova SS

The Sleeper Awakes
’69 Chevy Nova SS. Up and at’em!
Louvers on the front fenders, a bulging hood and a throbbing exhaust note let people know this one’s no imitation Backing up a standard 300-hp V8 is a muscular foundation: special suspension, an extra-tough clutch, red stripe wide ovals on 7″ wide wheels, a special 3-speed and power disc brakes.
The 1969 Chevy Nova SS, the car that woke up swinging .
Putting you first, keeps us first

Chevy Two Much!
TopSide, it’s a neat little 2-door, Underneath, it’s all set to move.
Beefed-up suspension, wide oval red stripes and one of the greatest v8s you have ever ordered into action.
It’s a 350-cu.-in 295-hp affair with 4-barrel carburetion and 2 1/4 dual exhausts.
Nova SS. We call it Chevy 2 much. You’ll second the motion

Credit: hottestmachines.blogspot.com

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