1967 Chevrolet Impala SS

The big news isn’t the gauges… it’s what the gauges connect to!

The real news about Impala is the 427-cu.-in. Turbo-Jet V8 you can put on the other side of the firewall to make the needles quiver. The street version generates 390 hp and 415 lbs.-ft. of torque on hydraulic lifters. A special-purpose edition turns out 425 hp and the same amount of torque on solid (ah, what sounds!) lifters.

Both engines are of the same unique design that inspired our successful Turbo-Jet 396, which is now rated at 325 hp. Intake and exhaust ports feed directly to the combustion chambers with little interference from valves and push-rods. As a result, the Turbo-Jets breathe in a manner that makes ordinary engines feel short-winded — even downright asthmatic.

As for the gauges — they’re important, too. In fact, we’re confident that the man who knows what’s happening inside the engine compartment is a safer, more alert driver. Drive as only you know how — and who knows? — maybe the less knowledgeable drivers will get the message.


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