1967 Chevrolet Camaro

GM overlooked Ford’s Mustang and hadn’t been able to give a fitted reply for three years. But three years later it launched two cars at once, they were the Pontiac Firebird and Camaro. Both cars were well sold over the years but none of them could get the Mustang’s sales level. The last “old” Camaro was sold in 2002. It seemed the car had gone, but due to “retro” Mustang we have an increasing interest to muscle car segment nowadays, so GM decided to renew the Camaro and restart its production in 2010.

So, who is the target audience of today’s muscle cars? I think, middle aged men who saw the original models as well as new generation of young drivers who like high speeds and want to differentiate themselves from others. Today’s muscle cars greatly differ from the previous generation. Although their appearance is close to that of the originals, their under-the-hood is based on the modern technology. They are faster, more efficient, and more powerful.
We’re at the threshold of a new muscle car era, and I’m greatly excited.

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