1966 Chevy Chevelle

66′ Chevelle come as sporty as you care to go
This is our Malibu sport Cope. We’ve lavished new looks and comforts on the ’66 Chevelles, all 12 models.A crisp new profile. Bold new roof lines on the coupes. Bright new profile. Bold new roof lines on the coupes. Bright new interiors, with carpeting everywhere and yards of vinyl in Super Sports and Malibu. You can order bucket seats and console for this one, too, and Turbo-Five V8s up to 275 hp. Chevelle still pampers people with its coil-springed ride, its long-legged roominess, its middle-sized handling ease,Buckle yourself into one at your Chevrolet dealer’s.

Thats one ss 396! It’s a sport coupe or Convertible with a 396-cu,in. 325-hp Turbo-Jet V8 under the hood,a fully synchronized 3-speed gearbox and special suspension.You tell it by the black grille, air-scoop-styled hood, red stripe tires and big SS 396 emblems front and back. There’s another version you can order, too the Turbo-Jet 396 at 360 hp. Other things you can ask for include a close-ratio 4-speed, bucket seats, center console and special instrumentation including a tach. Chevelle SS 396!

Credit: hottestmachines.blogspot.com
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