1965 Chevy Impala

Beautiful Shape for ’65-CHEVROLET
Everything over, under and around you will be beautifully different

The roof, front, back, side, height, length, room, trim, windows, dash, upholstery, frame, suspension, colors – everything’s new, finer, more luxurious everywhere you look.

What this new Chevrolet amounts to is almost a new kind of land travel!

Chevrolet for ’65 meets the road with Wide-Stance wheel design and silkier Jet-smooth ride. Carries you along on a new frame that’s as silent as it is strong. Baffles bumps with an ease that must make other cars jealous.

Inside, there’s enough to make a Royal Suite jealous. Step into an Impala Sport Coupe or Sedan and find door-to-door carpeting, luxuriously upholstered seats designed to be lived in, an instrument panel that lives up to its simulated wood-grain trim. All this feels even better with new roominess to enjoy it in. More shoulder room. More front leg and foot room with smaller floor tunnels. And the added luxury of curved glass side windows.

For ’65, you set it all in motion with Sixes and V8’s ranging from a 140-hp Turbo-Thrift Six to a 400-hp Turbo-Fire V8 available at your order.

Then link this action to your fingertips in one of these four ways — Powerglide, Overdrive or 4-speed Synchro-Mesh shift, if you request it, or standard 3-speed Synchro-Mesh. We should also mention a best seller list of luxury and convenience equipment that’s yours for the ordering.

All that’s left is the looks. But why try telling you what you can see so clearly for yourself?

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