1960 Impala Chevy

960 Impala Chevy

This new Chevrolet knows you like your comfort
(and keeps mighty quiet about it!)

Nothing else pampers you with quite the same roominess and ride-and such serene silence-as this ever-lovin ’60 Chevrolet. That’s because nobody else bends so far over back wards to find out what you want and bring it to you. For example, Chevy’s the only car in the leading low-priced three to cradle you on coil springs at every wheel. And there are new body mounts-plus soft-spoken engines-to make your ride as quiet as a whisper. Your dealer will be happy to show you all the ways Chevy’s been thoughtful of you (including new, budget-pleasing prices).

Roomier Body by Fisher with a lower and narrower transmission
tunnel that gives more foot room.

Pride-pleasing style (you’ll like the way it combines good looks with good sense, that easier-to-load
reaction-sezed trunk, for instance).

New Economy Turbo-Five V8  (makes friends fast by getting up to 10% more miles on a gallon of regular).

Widest choice of engines and transmissions ( 28 combinations in all-to satisfy the most finicky driver).

Hi-Thrift 6 ( built, of course, with Chery’s ever-faithful dependability ).

Coil springs at all 4 wheels (with the extra cushioning of newly designed body mounts, you’re never had it smoother than you do in Chevrolet).

Quicker stopping Safety-Master brakos (another important reason Chevy’s the kind of friend you can count on).

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