1957 Pontiac

Pontiac’s writing History by the Mile!

Match Pontiacs perfomance against anything else on the road and you’ll find enough news to fill a book. You could write a whole chapter on the wink-quick responce of Pontiac’s brand-new Strato-Steack V-8 with its all-time high in compression, displacement and torque. And you’d have page after page about Pontiac’s dream-easy handling in everything from light city traffic to winding country buck roads. The new suspension ideas in its Level-Line Ride are writing a story of their own with an all-new dimension in comfort and safely. And surely you’d include the fact that one of the nation’s largest highway patrols put six of the industry’s top performers to super-rigid handling and safety tests and chase Pontiacs — 300 of them! You’d list more than six dozen “firsts” all lite way from looks to go — and record the 100.000 miles of on-the-road testing that make this brawny beauty tlie best-proved car in history. To sum it all up—everything in the book should lead you straight to your Pontuc dealer. How about tomorrow?

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