1956 Chevy

What you can learn about cars from firemen!

Firemen know that you can get where you’re going sooner and safer in a car that’s quick, agile,
easy-handling-and a tiger for acceleration. That’s the ’56 Chevrolet all over!

When you put your foot down fo passing, this beauty means business! Horsepower that ranges clear
up to 225 explodes into action to zoom you out ahead with extra seconds of safety.

Yet this tigerish power is as tame to your touch as a purring kitten. For Chevy brings you a sureness
of control and solid way of going that mark it as one of the few truly great road cars built today.
It clings to curves like part of the pavement.. travels true on the straightaway- and it’s a honey to
handle in traffic.

These built-in Chevrolet qualities make for safer, happier driving. Let your Chevrolet dealer show you what firemen already know. Chevrolet Division of General Motors

Credit: hottestmachines.blogspot.com
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