1955 Chevy BelAir

Chevy BelAir 1955

It’s making ’55 Famous – For Fun!

For Sheer driving pleasure, Chevrolet’s stealing the thunder from the high-priced cars.

Let’s be frank. Up to now, maybe there were reasons for wanting one of the higher priced cars, If you
desired something really special in the way of driving fun, you simply had to pay a premium to get it.
Usually, a big one!

Not any more! The Motoramic Chevrolet is taking the play away from the high-priced cars with pure
excitement on wheels!

Chevrolet’s new “Turbo-Fire V8” puts a heaping hoodful of fun under your foot -162 hp!( Special to
adventure lovers: 180 hp “Super Turbo-Fire V8” is optional at extra cost.) You can also choose from the two highest powerred 6′ in the low-price field.

As for drives, just name it. Chevrolet offers Overdrive, super-smooth Powerglide (extracost options) and a new and finer Synchromesh transmission.

Find out how the Motoramic Chevrolet puts new fun in your driving life! Take the key at your Chevrolet dealer’s – and you’ll want it for keeps!.. Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Michigan

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