1955 Chevrolet Nomad


A built-up LS7 motor powers this “flawless” 1955 Chevrolet Nomad (click here to see the ad), which is for sale this week by Classical Gas Motors in Texas. It comes with a gorgeous coat of House of Kolor Candy Apple paint. Everything under the hood is chromed, polished, or painted.

Here’s more from the seller:

“Every once in a while you come across a car that just stands out.  Something about it says, “you won’t see another one like me.”  Well this 1955 Nomad is one of those.  It is flawless.  We have all seen pro touring Camaros but a custom Pro Touring Nomad!  Now that’s something special.  Not only do get a Nomad which in its own right is extremely sought after and valuable but you get the nicest one around.  There is no way to determine how many dollars and hours have put into the car but it is one those where you can tell a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into its construction.  The car is truly like no other Nomad you have ever seen.  The body is extremely straight and is coated in some of the most beautiful House of Kolor Candy Apple paint ever laid down.  It is very slick and the pearl shines beautifully out in the sun.  It is paired with a Silver top which really works well as a color combination.  The chrome, trim, grill, everything is nice.  You won’t find a weak area anywhere on the car.  The original style taillights are in place but the left taillight has been customized to reveal the gas cap like you would see in a 56 Chevy.  But thats not all, you can’t just flip the light out of the way!  It now smoothly slides out of place with just a flip of a switch under the dash.  Little components like that show how much detail went into this car.  No single component or feature was untouched.  Back in 55 I doubt people were commenting on how “tough” their parents station wagon looks but this car is here to change all that.  With the perfect stance it sits on custom Billet Specialties wheels and looks fast even sitting still.’

Expecting to see a 350 under the hood?  Well not even an LS1 is good enough for this custom.  It is now powered by a built up LS7 motor like what they are using in Z06’s and even the C6 Corvette American Le Mans series race car.  Can you imagine the look on the Z06 owners face when you show him that new vette has nothing on this Nomad?  In addition to performing extremely well the engine is dressed out very nicely and all show ready.  If it isn’t chromed or polished under the hood then it is painted to match the body with the same high quality level of paint work.  Chrome hinges, custom firewall, and a custom engine cover are just 3 of the 100s of items were mentioning.  A lot of people look at a car like this and think it’s a trailer queen but that is not the case.  This car was built to take home all the trophies and perform well on the drive there.  It has 14 inch Baer disk brakes up front with big Buick drum brakes in rear.  The body sits on an Art Morrison chassis which if you know old cars know is the best money could buy.  Paired with the motor is a 4L70E Pheonix transmission which sends power back through the aluminum drive shaft into the rear end.  Other nice components include the Strange 2 inch axles, Concept 1 pulley system, and a fully custom ceramic coated dual exhaust system.’

The fun doesn’t stop with the interior because it is just as amazing as the rest.  This is the type of custom you can take out and return with best paint, best interior, best motor, and wildest custom.  They don’t make awards that this car couldn’t win.  The two tone Grey leather interior is beautifully done and is all custom by Paul Atkins who is renowned for is unmatchable interior work.  It has dual bucket seats up front with a custom built center console.  Another example of the extreme detail is the power seat operation.  Fold forward the back and hit a button to slide the seat forward so your rear passengers can enter.  Fold it back and hit the same button and the seat moves back in place.  Little comforts like that go to show how well each part of this car was thought out.  The seats are out of a GTO and have been customized from stock.  Possibly one of the coolest features you will find lining the dash is the all custom push button transmission controls.  A combination of Billet and LED back lit buttons create the coolest transmission shifter out there.  Custom gauges, AM/FM/CD/Nav, tilt column, custom steering wheel, AC/Heat, power windows, you name it….its got it!  Taking it a step further the car doesn’t just have these features but has the highest quality version of each feature available.  For example the Vintage AC system rivals that of your brand new Cadillac and even has climate control.’

The number of modifications and highlights on this car is far above most customs you see out there.  We truly couldn’t begin to describe everything that is worthy of being mentioned.  One look at this car in person and you will see what we mean.  It comes with receipts documenting all of the components used and work done.”


Credit: mydreamcar.online

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