Gorgeous 1947 Diamond-T Hot Rod Truck

You may have tough days lately. You may have problems with your job, your family, your school. You may have health issues.

But, whatever the problem is you should spare time for yourself. You should seek for the ways of spending quality time. You should care for your hobbies and interests. If you’re fond of hot rods then you should attend hot rod shows and check videos about them, just like the one we share on this page today! What you’re going to see watching it is a 1947 Diamond-T Hot Rod Truck. Owned by Donnie Pogue, this ’47 Diamond-T truck is mobile work of art. Although it looks as fabulous as to be displayed on the world’s most prestigious car shows, it is meant to be used. It belongs to streets where it’s gonna drive like a boss.

Check out the video to learn more about this masterpiece and enjoy!

Credit: https://www.dirtywheel.com/

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