1933 Chevrolet Coupe

in the 1950s, street rodding proved to be a wonderful avenue for young folks who couldn’t afford a late-model car to assemble a daily driver from a 1930s vehicle and junkyard-sourced, late-model parts. The result simultaneously upgraded the obsolete vehicle to modern standards and provided a creative outlet wherein the youthful owner could put his or her personality on display.

Ted Boccuzzi Jr. of Stamford, Connecticut, was one such young fellow back in 1957 when he went searching for a car to drive to high school. He found this 1933 Chevrolet Standard three-window coupe alongside the road with a selling price of $100. Hauling home the derelict, engineless coupe, he enlisted his older brother, Joe, to help him upgrade the coupe from jalopy to jewel.

The Boccuzzis re-powered the coupe with a then state-of-the-art 265-cu.in. Chevrolet V-8. Behind the 265 went a ’57 Chevrolet three-speed transmission, the case of which they carefully cut open with hacksaws and retrofit with a 1937 Chevrolet top shifter.

Credit: hottestmachines.blogspot.com

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