1931 Ford 5 Window

One of the most iconic Hot Rod platforms ever, this steel-bodied, chop-top 1931 Ford Model A 5-Window Coupe is ready to take passengers back to the age of Mel’s Diner. Powered by a small-block V-8 engine dressed up with Edelbrock valve covers, an aluminum intake manifold, 4-barrel carburetor and lake-style headers, an automatic transmission sends power back to the Winters quick-change rear end and an Accel ignition provides the spark. Riding on an independent front suspension and rear coilover shocks, staggered tires with American Racing Outlaw wheels complement the chassis rake and sustain the classic look.

The interior has been upholstered with two-tone maroon and gray leather upholstery and features a sun visor, Lecarra steering wheel, Pioneer CD stereo system and VDO gauges among other details, creating a great driving environment. Painted in maroon, the chrome and brightwork glistens and gleams, the little coupe making Rodding a simple and enjoyable affair, powerful enough to roll out with gusto but easy enough to maintain that it could likely be driven daily.

Packed with details, Hot Rods have long been considered rolling works of art, although they started out humbly enough through salad bar engineering using whatever parts and pieces builders could find to produce a complete car. Of course, the goal wasn’t always in the appearance as much as it was about speed and being cool, but the days of burgers and malts are not over, just running in the background as the techies would say. This one, with the nice paint, fabulous interior and solid drivetrain is likely the car so many back in the day dreamed about—powerful, simple, good looking and fun, there’s not a salad bar piece to its name.

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